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The Almshouse Residents Action Group is a non-profit organisation formed in accordance with the laws of England and in pursuance of inter alia Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The purpose and intent of the Group is to campaign for the upgrading of almshouse licenses to secure tenancies and thereby to deliver beneficiaries from the iniquities inherent in the autocratic unaccountability of trustees.

The Group does not purport to give legal advice and cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by any person acting upon any opinion or other information promulgated by the Group on this website or elsewhere.

Hyperlinks to other information sources are rendered in good faith and the Group accepts no responsibility for the security or integrity of external websites.

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All text on this site excepting that which is contextually assigned to others is the copyright of the Almshouse Residents Action Group and all rights are reserved; saving that all such text may be elsewhere quoted solely in furtherance of the stated purpose and intent of the Group.

As a matter of principle the Group does not initiate correspondence with charity trustees.

The Group is not a data controller or processor, neither are its members data subjects within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Group is a web presence only and must remain so for as long as an almshouse license remains a license to intimidate.

The Group is not a fund holder. Its activities including this website are privately funded. Any extraneous funds that may come its way will be put in escrow exclusively to the stated purpose and intent of the Group.

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