Our Summary

To our knowledge this is the only extant website constructed from the perspective of the almshouse resident. It sets out our argument for inter alia the upgrading of almshouse licenses to secure tenancies; and our legal predicament as we see it. Feel free to educate us otherwise.

On the evidence we have provided at Known Disputes above, we feel the case for reform of the law is well made. Historically we have had no platform, no voice and, because it’s all done behind closed doors, no means of making a case. But the ‘silver surfers’ are now on the scene and all that is changing. We are starting to sap the ivory tower.

We have shone a revealing light into the obscure – and obscurantist – world of almshouse trusts. We’ve probably ruffled a few feathers. We expect some copyright complaints, especially from those wanting to perpetuate the iniquitous status quo (no use suing us boys, we are by definition “men of straw”!).

Some will no doubt like to see us closed down. They will accuse us of spreading alarm and despondency but, as you have seen from the disputes we have cited, alarm and despondency is built into the system and is manufactured by others.

And surely, an unfettered power to render elderly and vulnerable people homeless is a sanction to which no trustee of integrity would aspire?

On behalf of our contemporaries and those who come after us The Almshouse Residents Action Group will continue to strive for Natural Justice and Human Rights.


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