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In contrast to the dissenting view above, we pay due redemptive regard to those lawyers who work ‘pro bono’ for the general good. In particular we might mention LawWorks, a charity which aims to provide free legal help to individuals and community groups who cannot afford to pay for it and who are unable to access legal aid. Their contact details are:

National Pro Bono Centre
48 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1JF

Switchboard: 020 7092 3940



Another commendable organisation is The Access to Justice Foundation

The Access to Justice Foundation has been established to receive and distribute additional financial resources that will help get free of charge (pro bono) legal assistance to those who need it most.


We also recommend the following:-

The UK Human Rights Blog for reportage that approaches its subject with a commendable degree of verisimilitude.


Action on Elder Abuse:

Address: Mitcham Ln, London SW16 6LQ
Phone:020 8835 9280, fax 020 8696 9328. Email:

Nearly Legal – for Housing Law, News and Comment.

Then there is Liberty:

If you’re in touch with us on any matter touching upon your human rights, it does no harm to keep Liberty up to speed on the iniquities faced by almshouse licensees. They might build up a parallel dispute counter. First contact is by telephone on 020 7403 3888. Read their FAQs before calling.

January 2016: At last! A relevant Barrister’s Opinion!

Originally published in The Conveyancer & Property Lawyer some time ago, it has since become available via City Research Online. You can download it via Foxit Reader from the site. The URL is:

That’s not a live link so just paste it into your search box. Don’t forget to observe any copyright advisories.

Three things to note: (1) we haven’t fully digested it yet (it runs to 18 pages!); and (2) it hasn’t been tested in court because the cause of action was overtaken by events (the lady moved out!); and (3) it might be somewhat out of date. This section is duplicated on our News page.

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